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  • Brighten up a boring wall

    by decorating it with plants or other miniatures and ornaments

  • Add extra space

    by hanging one or more befold shelves

  • Make a sustainable choice

    due to the efficiency of the unique befold concept

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fold the shelf?

The shelf can be folded after it has been attached to the wall using the supplied mounting set. The strength of the wall and the lever of the shelf make it easy to bend by hand.

How much weight can the shelf hold?

The weight that the shelves can carry varies per size.

- The 16 cm shelf can hold 3 kg

- The 9 cm shelf can hold 1 kg

Why are there only two colors?

With regard to sustainability and the timeless character of Befold, I chose to only produce the shelves in two basic colors.

What makes Befold sustainable

First of all, all Befold products are produced locally in a modern factory. This ensures efficient production with little material loss and low transport emissions.

In addition, all products are sold flat which contributes to the efficient production (which consists of only two steps). After production, the products are packed in a standard envelope, without the use of plastic and extra fillers, they are stored efficiently and can be sent all over the world by letter mail.

Finally, quality, timelessness and recyclability of the materials have been taken into account throughout the design process.


"Really beautiful products. Well designed and unique. Works and looks great on the wall."

I want this too!

Why choose Befold?

Up to 20% discount

10% discount when purchasing 3 or more products

20% discount when purchasing 5 or more products

Free shipping from *€50

*Free shipping within the Netherlands from €50

Free shipping within Europe from €70

Shipping in 1 to 2 business days

Orders are shipped within 1 to 2 business days

Within the Netherlands, the package is usually delivered the day after shipment.

Within Europe the delivery time varies but usually takes place within a week after shipment.

NB. The above delivery times may vary. Deliveries are also not made on Sundays and public holidays.

Lifetime warranty

For the warranty to apply:

Fold the product once into the correct shape and never load it with more than the indicated maximum. Then it will last a lifetime!

Money back guarantee

Even after opening the packaging, it can be returned.

To make use of this, please complete the contact form within 30 days of receipt.

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