" Full-time enjoyer of life"

I am Stefan Delemarre, creator of the befold concept and full-time enjoyer of life.


As a product designer I am always looking for innovation. Whether it concerns an existing or a completely new product, there is always room for improvement. To realize this innovation, I use my creativity to come up with complicated, or better yet: simple solutions to the complex problems I encounter during the design process.


What inspires me most are the things I love, such as travel, nature and art. Traveling has taught me about the cultural differences in the world and the environmental problems the world faces today. This is why sustainability became a big factor in my design. What nature has taught me is that I love natural materials, such as wood, fabrics and ceramics. Art has always interested me and is the basis for my fascination with minimalist design.

4.9 out of 5 stars on Etsy


"Very good quality, very stylish, Perfect fit for the Apple HomePod. We recommend this"

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